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Argos City implemented in Terrassa

The floods have affected Terrassa on multiple occasions, with those of 1962 being one of the most catastrophic recorded in Spain (it is estimated that they caused between 600 and 1,000 fatalities).

In this case, Argos City has been implemented in Terrassa (Vallès Occidental, Catalonia) to monitor, alert and help in the management of possible emergencies to various critical elements located in flooded areas, mainly the Palau stream and the torrent of Vallparadís. read more…

Argos implemented by CECAT

The Operational Coordination Center of Catalonia (CECAT) is the superior coordination and information center of the civil protection structure of Catalonia. It ensures the proper management of emergencies through the coordination of the different operational bodies, agencies and institutions involved in the resolution of situations in which the activation of an emergency plan is necessary. Its purpose is the safety of people, their property and rights, as well as the anticipation and minimization of the effects they may suffer in an emergency.

CECAT was a partner in the ANYWHERE project, funded by the European Commission under the H2020 framework program, where it intervened in the design and testing of an impact anticipation and alert system for emergencies of meteorological origin.

Now, the Argos system (the result of the developments started in the Anywhere project) has been implemented to serve CECAT in emergency management. read more…

hyds develops the RAN for CENEM

hyds has started the development of the RAN (National Alert Network) for the CENEM (National Center for Monitoring and Coordination of Emergencies). The RAN will be managed by the Ministry of the Interior, through CENEM, and must allow the communication of alerts from the agencies capable of detecting them to CENEM.

hyds develops the RAN based on the Argos platform. In this development, work will be done in the following essential directions:

  • The inclusion of information on warnings from different public bodies (State Meteorology Agency, National Geographic Institute, General Directorate of Water, General Directorate of Traffic, MITECO and State Ports).
  • The inclusion of detailed information on flood risk.
  • The inclusion of information.
  • on other additional risks.
  • Creation of personalized views adapted to the needs of CENEM staff.
  • A system for the creation and dissemination of alerts.


Different screens of the current prototype of the RAN viewer


Argos City implemented in 34 municipalities in the province of Alicante

hyds, through a project for SUEZ with the Diputación of Alicante, has implemented Argos City in 34 municipalities of Alicante, mainly in the Vega Baja of the Segura river.

The Vega Baja del Segura has traditionally suffered periodic floods that have caused fatalities and major economic damage (for example, those recorded in the years 1651, 1879, 1946, 1973, 1987, 2016, 2019).

The latest ones, in September 2019, were extremely devastating (see the video below and the links at the end of the article).

Orihuela during the floods of September 2019. Photo obtained from: Alicante Plaza: (



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