Argos* platform provides specific services for a number of businesses and activities.

*Argos has been developed with the support of the H2020 EU program inside the ANYWHERE Project.


The complete solution for weather hazard management at Regional or National scale

Argos City

Proactive weather-induced emergencies management for Municipalities

Argos Site

Your ally in weather emergencies at your place

Argos Flow

Probabilistic river flow forecast for reservoir management

Argos Hydro

Integrated hydrological monitoring and early warning forecast


WiCast* provides improved and highly regionalised information on relevant actual and future weather conditions to people involved in outdoor activities. These might be companies being concerned with safety issues of workers and facilities, professionals depending on special weather conditions for their work, sport clubs providing meteorological information as a special service to their members or individuals planning their spare-time activities outside.

* WiCast has been developed with the support of the CDTI – NEOTEC program.