Argos Hydro

Integrated hydrological monitoring and early warning forecast

The continuous hydrological status approach

Argos Hydro is based on the extensive use of hydrological products from combined weather radar and raingauge rainfall data. These products are crossed with return period distributed information to provide high resolution hydrological status and warnings everywhere in your territory (from 1 km to 200 m resolution).

*Argos Hydro has been developed by hyds and CRAHI-UPC together with the Catalan Water Agency (ACA)

All the required contextual data at hand

Rain-gauges, river flow sensors, dam sensors, meteorological warnings, any useful hydrological information can be easily integrated on Argos Hydro.

Return periods…all over the map

Argos Hydro is focused on the extensive use of return period information (and related levels) to provide consistent and distributed warning over the territory. This way it has been built to cross any product or information with critical levels, providing warnings about any rainfall field (punctual or basin aggregated) or sensor (rain-gauges, river flow sensors, reservoir volumes, etc.).

Automatic and official hydrological warnings

Automatic warnings are intrinsic to Argos Hydro, but you can create your own using predefined templates and then, based on human evaluation, build reports with the official warnings at local, regional or basin level.

Dissemination of warnings and reports

Warnings and reports can be sent to selected groups of members of your team allowing for a distributed management. Argos Hydro helps also linking with other operational authorities (eg. Civil Protection) providing ICT systems for machine to machine connection

Public and private portals

Public information about hydrological hazards is fundamental in the context of diffuse location of assets and humans lives to be protected in the territory. Argos Hydro provides tools to easily deploy public web portals so that a subset of data and warnings can be accessed by the population.

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