Argos Flow

Probabilistic river flow forecast for reservoir management

Preventive early warning for reservoir management

Argos Flow* provides forecasted hydrographs over regulated basins in order to evaluate management strategies considering the future hydrological conditions.

*Argos Flow has been developed by hyds and CRAHI-UPC together with the Catalan Water Agency (ACA)

All required information in one place

Argos Flow integrates all the required processes to help managing regulated basins: meteorological forecast, forecasted warnings, weather radar data, rain-gauges, river flow sensors, hydrological models, dam sensors, EFAS information, etc.

Modular architecture

A modular architecture to provide operational robustness and easy implementation and modification (adding new data, models, sensors, etc.). Argos Flow is built over an elemental modules approach (data acquisition, products processing, reports and warnings , web display, monitoring tools).

Hydrological Integrated approach

From small scale to large, complex and interconnected reservoir-regulated basins.

Argos Flow allows to integrate extended hydrological regions over one platform.

Testing the strategies

Argos Flow allows to optimise the reservoir’s exploitation through the testing of different water release strategies. These can be defined at the reservoir level, or at basin level. Once the different options have been analysed, they are automatically applied over the hydrological models.

Dissemination of warnings and reports

Argos Flow provides tools for automatic reporting and warning based on configurable topics (monitoring, warnings, forecasts)to be on top of the hydrologic status of the system (past, current and forecasted). Reports can be sent to selected team members allowing for a distributed management.


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