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hyds wins The Extreme Weather Events competition, organized by PLANETech and Andorra Research+ Innovation

hyds has been the winning company of The Extreme Weather Events contest in the HEAVY RAINFALL AND FLASH FLOODS section, proposing a system based on Argos. The objective is to develop a system capable of managing extreme rainfall and flooding in mountainous areas. To this end, the development of a system that uses the latest advances in observation systems and forecast models is proposed to anticipate phenomena and their impacts with hyperlocal capabilities, promoting proactive management and breaking current practices based mostly on reactive approaches. hyds will work together with Andorra Research+ Innovation and other Andorran institutions in the implementation of the service throughout 2023.

hyds participates in Reto 2 project of Augas de Galicia: Advanced system for adaptation to Climate change

The Reto 2 project pursues the development, implementation and validation of an advanced system for adaptation to climate change that integrates the main variables related to the preparation and response to floods and droughts and to the management of water resources. The project is led by AQUATEC and Prointega Ingeniería, and HYDS participates by providing the Argos platform, for the construction of the entire solution, and specifically developing modules for reservoir management, gauging network and emergency plans. Other specific modules on droughts and floods are developed by CETAQUA and the Technological Institute of Galicia (ITG).

hyds presents the results of the ANYWHERE project and the Argos platform at “NATURAL RISKS AND CLIMATE CHANGE IN MOUNTAIN AREAS” held in Andorra

The aim of the meeting, which is part of the INTERREG SUDOE MONTCLIMA project, is to provide information on existing local and international strategies and tools for the prevention and management of hydrometeorological risk. Therefore, it is essential to have the best tools to characterize flood risk, taking into account climate change, reduce the vulnerability of strategic infrastructures and, in general, reduce the impact of these phenomena. In this context hyds presented its tools developed from the EU H202 ANYWHERE project (base of its Argos platform) and which are aimed at anticipating and managing the vulnerability of critical elements due to various risk situations (floods, snow, fires, droughts, air pollution, etc.)



hyds develops the DIGICAL project platform

Operators of the integral water cycle of the Comarca de Osona from now on will have a new tool that will help prevent floods in Manlleu and Torelló and improper discharges of manifolds into the river and thus ensure good water quality for human consumption.

Aigües de Vic S.A. and Depuradores d’Osona S.L, together with companies in the sector (Hyds, ABM and Prodaisa) have carried out a technology project coordinated by the CWP (Catalan Water Partnership) that has earned them a grant from the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Turismo with European Commission ERDF funds.

It is a flood alert system and alterations to the water quality in the river, which, thanks to a comprehensive digitisation process, will be able to improve and speed up risk management processes and decision-making.

The project has been developed between Torelló and Manlleu, where episodes of coming from the Ter river cause floods affecting economic activity and water quality, derived from river drag and overflow systems that can affect drinking water uptakes downstream and serve the population.

It is an alert platform that combines weather forecasting data from MeteOsona and SMC (Servei Meteorològic de Catalunya) and real-time data from river level sensors, sewage overflow sensors and turbidity sensors at Torelló potabilizing stations (Aigües d’Osona) and Manlleu (Aigües de Vic).

All of this data series is homogenized and processed using algorithms and logical rules, and pre-alert, alert and emergency levels are determined that will give operators warnings to perform the necessary actions.

With the platform in operation, it will be possible to anticipate the cleanup actions of the collectors and prevent potabilizing plants from episodes where good quality in recruitment cannot be guaranteed.

hyds will participate in the new CREXDATA project of the Horizon Europe framework programme

hyds will participate in the new project awarded by the European Commission CREXDATA (Critical Action Planning over Extreme-Scale Data).
The vision of CREXDATA is to develop a generic platform for real-time critical situation management including flexible action planning and agile decision making over streaming data of extreme scale and complexity.

hyds will work on the weather emergency management use case, to allow authorities and first responders proactively act so as to avoid or reduce the impact and speed up recovery from natural disasters.

CREXDATA webpage