hyds has participated in the 5th RECONECT General Assembly

RECONECT is a project funded by the European Commission through the H2020 framework program that deals with the application of NBS (Nature Based Solutions) for risk reduction hydrometeorological. NBS, unlike traditional infrastructures, provide, in addition to reducing the hydrometeorological risk, co-benefits in nature (better natural spaces, eco-habitats, etc.) and in people (leisure and relaxation areas, environmental improvements , etc.).

In this project hyds works on the computer platform for monitoring the operation of the NBS in three pillars: Water, Nature and People.

Due to Covid’s restrictions in most countries, the meeting was held virtually in 4 sessions on June 10, 11, 17 and 18. The meeting discussed in progress the progress of the project, especially in the implementation of the NBS in the pilot areas (La Tordera in Catalonia, Portofino in Liguria, Odense in Denmark and Hamburg in Germany).