• Chief Executive OfficerDr. Rafael Sánchez-Diezma
    He completed his studies as Civil Engineer in the UPC and obtained a PhD degree in the topic of the hydrological applications of weather radar in the same university in 2001. Since then he has develop his professional activity at CRAHI-UPC (from 2001 to 2006 he was Head of R&D) and started his activity as CEO of HYDS in 2007. He has an extensive experience in R&D activities related with the quantitative use of weather radar, and hydrological models, and has been regularly participating on EU R&D projects in the last 10 years. Additionally he has solid skills in all the aspects related with the transfer of technology from research to operational solutions and specifically in the development of end-user software tools for weather radar data processing, hydrological applications, early warning systems and interactive advanced displays for hydrometeorological products.
  • R&D and Product ManagerDr. Xavier Llort Pavon

    M.Sc. degree in Maths from the Universitat de Barcelona in 2002 and Ph.D. degree in Civil Engineering from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya in 2010. He joined the CRAHI-UPC in 2002, where he did his dissertation on the error structure of radar rainfall and its errors, working on both ground- and space-borne radars. Until May 2011, he worked as the Development Head of CRAHI-UPC. Since June 2011, he has been enrolled as Head of R&D at HYDS. He has participated in several EU R&D projects as well as private projects, and his interests include precipitation estimation with focus on applied solutions: Early Warning Systems and flooding management solutions.

  • Project ManagerÁlvaro Rodríguez Ramos

    He completed his studies on Computer Science in the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya in 2009. He joined HYDS as software developer in 2007, and since 2012 is also Project Manager. Alvaro has participated developing or leading in several private and EU R&D projects, and has long experience on web interfaces development and Geographical Information Systems (GIS). His interests include software engineering and hydraulic and hydrological modelling.

  • Project ManagerDavid Sancho Alcázar

    He completed his studies as Computer Science Engineer in the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya in 2009. He joined the CRAHI-UPC in 2007 where he combined software development tasks with his Final Year Project, which consisted on the implementation of a tool to analyze the performance of meteorological radars. David joined the HYDS team in 2009 as a Software Engineer and Systems Manager. Since then, he has been involved in several private projects and EU R&D projects, taking the opportunity to improve his programming and analytical skills mostly in the scope of hydrology and meteorology. Since 2012 he also plays the role of Project Manager. David's interests include back-end programming, management of high performance back-end and front-end web applications servers, as well as facing new challenges.