Competences & Services

Hyds is the provider of innovative solutions in hydrometeorology offering customized systems and leading edge technology to a number of different sectors.  Hyds combines large experience in radar technology, hydrology, meteorology, remote sensing, data processing,  and numerical weather prediction.  Apart from its proper research, Hyds relies on close collaboration with leading research institutes world wide that provide scientific advise and technology to Hyds. Based on this pool of expertise, Hyds is able to help you find the best solution to your specific problem.

Maximizing the performance of your system

Based on a detailed analysis of the problem and the user needs and system requirements, Hyds designs its solutions in strong cooperation with the customer. Special care is given to the analysis of  existing tools and complementary data sources, as Hyds strongly believes in the added value of combined information content of different sensors.

Building innovative solutions

After the specification phase, Hyds software engineers build the product designed during the consultancy phase using leading-edge technology. Hyds software solutions are modular to support a fast development and implementation of scalable and reliable solutions
and Hyds products allow to integrate external applications and modules. Real time applications are optimized for distributed systems and parallel processing. Decision making is facilitated by the Hyds visualization system offering platform independent customizable and easy navigable displays. The Hyds visualization system is a vector oriented display available as a stand alone visualization system or as a web application accessible by any computer disposing of an internet browser.

Hyds solutions in your machines

After the product development, Hyds experts install the new product in your system and provide  training and education to your stuff. Once the new product is implemented, Hyds guarantees assistance with technical support and after sales services. The goal of Hyds is to propose the best products and  help to maximize the benefits from the new system.