Technological Partners

Hyds relies in all its developments and products on technology from two of the world leading centers in hydrometeorology.

The most important provider of technology is the Center of Applied Research on Hydrometeorology (CRAHI) from the Polytechnical University of Catalunya (UPC). CRAHI was created by the UPC on request of  the Catalonian environmental department and the Catalonian water agency. These entities agreed on the need of a hydrometeorological research group in Catalonia. Since then, CRAHI provides scientific and technological support in the area of hydrometeorological management and forecasting,  particularly on developing models of the processes that drive the cycle of surface waters. In 2002, CRAHI became a center of the Technological Innovation Network of Catalonia (xarxa IT) and in the last years, CRAHI developed to become one of the largest and most important research groups in weather radar worldwide. Since 2007, Hyds owns the exclusive license of merchandising CRAHI technology.

The second technological partner of Hyds is McGill University in Montreal. Radar meteorology started in Montreal during world war two with the foundation of the stormy weather group. Since then, McGill university  continually contributed with major keystones in radar meteorology to scientific process. Apart from the academic success, McGill university is involved in operational radar applications operating the J.S. Marshall Radar Observatory which is part of the Canadian weather radar network. Hyds is proud to profit from the large experience at McGill university owning the exclusive license of merchandising the radar processing suite RAPID.